Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Learning Styles

Ula over at Blog, blog posted the results of her VARK questionnaire on learning styles. I decided to check it out myself. I was pretty surprised by the results of my test. I came out
  • Visual: 5
  • Aural: 1
  • Read/Write: 4
  • Kinesthetic: 3
Actually, I guess I wasn't all that surprised -- except that aural got one point. (I would have expected it to be lower!) What I noticed as I was taking the test, though, was that I answered some of the questions differently than I would have a few years ago. I used to automatically read everything before I would try anything new. Now I am much more likely to just get in there and try it. The change started with computers and has extended to other things as well. Interesting.

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Wendy said...

Hi Nancy,

Decided it was high time I visited your blog. It led me to the VARK questionnaire, and I found my results quite surprising. Strongly kinesthetic. I too think that's a change in me - not sure if it's got more to do with age and experience or computers.

Have your students tried it?