Wednesday, December 14, 2005

As the semester comes to a close...

I find myself trying to see what actually transpired in my classroom. It hasn't been a particularly stellar semester, but I am trying to not get bogged down in the negative. I am looking for some of the good and trying to figure out how to improve the rest.

I didn't give my students a fair shot a blogging this semester. It was complicated by switching blog providers mid-semester. But I just never managed to convey my enthusiasm for blogging to my students. But you know, I never really shared my blog with them, either. Maybe I will set up a class blog for the next semester. Maybe participating in it together will help them see the communal nature of blogging more easily.

I haven't worked this out in my mind yet, of course. As a matter of fact, the idea just came to me now as I was writing. But I can see advantages.

Mostly, though, I have to work on setting it up so they will want to blog. I have to help them see the value in it. I didn't achieve that goal this semester. Hope I do better next time!


Jo McLeay said...

Hi Nancy,
It was good that you got some students to blog. I found that blogging in my class took off when they got in touch with another class who were blogging and started exchanging comments. It was a joy to see. I would really like to do that again next year. Maybe our classes could get in touch? How old are your students?
Mine will be about 13 to 14.
Jo McLeay

Nancy McKeand said...
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Nancy McKeand said...

Hi, Jo!
My students will be in their 20s probably. Might be too old for yours. But it is a good idea. I will see what I can do. Thanks!

joanna said...

Nancy--I had a near-identical experience with my class. I 've come to think that a class blog would allow for comfort first, and would open up the possibility of individual blogs after midterms.