Friday, January 27, 2006

The wonders of the Internet

I am totally blown away! My daughter just asked me for help finding an article she needs for a paper for law school. She could find plenty of places to buy it from, but she was hoping to find it for free. I did a simple search on Yahoo for the author and part of the title and immediately found two sources of the article for free. One even let me send her a plain text copy of the article!

It's all out there if we are only willing to do a little work to find it. But I am always amazed when it happens!

Learning to search efficiently is the key, I think. That is something I want to work on with my students. They so often will try one search term and then give up. I have found this to be true when they do an Internet search and when they are searching the library databases for articles. Does anyone have any good ideas for helping me teach effective searching?

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