Friday, March 31, 2006

A question for the experts...

On a discussion forum my husband participates in, a computer science student asked a question about computer science degree programs. My husband asked if I knew the answer, and I said that I didn't, but that I would be happy to ask you, the experts:

Do you know of a college or university that teaches computer science and at least recognizes the open source movement? Is there a degree program out there that you know of that at least exposes students to Linux and mySQL and other open source software?

Thanks for whatever you are able to tell me.


Anonymous said...

Yes. The Computer Science program at Utah State University. I would not classify it as going much beyond exposure, and it may not be true anymore, but it was true when I went through the program 5 years ago.

Nancy A. McKeand said...

Thanks, David. I will pass the information on to my husband who can pass it on.