Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Work space

Kathy Sierra's post on the importance of the space in which we work got me thinking. I looked around my office and was appalled! But then I said, "Well, you don't spend that much time here, so maybe it's OK." And then I thought about where I usually work when I am at home. Not much better. Between the two places, I spend a considerable amount of time each day working in less than inspiring surroundings.

Then I thought back to where we lived before Katrina, a dilapidated old house with a great front porch overlooking the river. Now there was a place to work! It was so peaceful and inspiring and yet so full of life at the same time that I think I actually could get more done in less time.

The question, of course, is what am I going to do about this. Kathy went out and bought an old Airstream and converted it into her office. It looks beautiful. But that doesn't seem to be in the cards for me. I think I really need to do something, though.


Nathan Lowell said...

I'm thinking the same thing, Nancy.

When I moved into my new office, I painted it out and did a sponge treatment on the walls. People come by to look at it because the red walls stand out in a building full of beige. Amusingly, they tell me the red glaze I sponged on makes it look a bit like splattered blood.

But the space itself is a WRECK and I just can't get it together to straighten it out.

My home office is worse.


Anonymous said...

Since we moved at the start of the school year, I haven't had time to unpack my boxes. In fact, my study has become the room where unpacked boxes go. Once the semester starts, it's hard to get a large chunk of time to organize.