Sunday, November 19, 2006

No, I guess we still don't get it.

Clarence has once again pointed out just how little we get it. He says, in part:
First of all, we still don't get it. We are still trying to appropriate the literacy practices of youth culture, and co-opt them for our own means. We use hip - hop to teach grammar. We use blogs to nitpick the ultra fine points of novels and to teach grammar. We don't honour the literacy practices of the people in our classrooms for what they are. To many teachers, they are not legitimate on their own. ...

Second, we still crave control. We are willing to give kids the experience of blogging, if they are responding to a list of prompts. We are willing to use video if the videos are a series of X number of shots, each lasting no longer then X number of seconds. ... Are we still doing old things in new ways? 5 paragraph essays in video form?

The more I think about my use of new technologies, the less sure I am of myself. I don't want to do the same old thing in new ways. We need to truly revolutionize education to meet the needs of our students today. But how? It is hard for me to think so far out of the box. But at the same time, as an older experienced teacher, I can be creative, take chances.

At any rate, I am thinking again about the next semester. What can I do differently? Not for entertainment value but for learning. Not old things in new guises.

If you haven't read his post, check it out.

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teachagiftedkid said...

I applaud you and the person you quoted for knowing that just using technology to accomplish the 'same ole, same ole' is not really using technology to its total possibilities (notice I said possibilities and not potential as potential seems to have a limit).

One suggestion: The students of today are our best source for connecting with them through their experiences with technology. Ask them, brainstorm with them, let them consider the possibilities, limitations and availability of technology in their lives. They might surprise you.

Then, share with them all that you need to accomplish and see how it can come together. It would take some time but since you have the unique situation of working with adults, this may be a worthwhile effort.

As my husband sometimes says to me "Everything must be just grand in Angie's world but in the real world...." Somebody has to think it first, then be willing to try it. The above is just thinking...who knows?