Monday, July 02, 2007

Check out this wiki!

While I may be the last person to learn about this, I want to pass it on anyway! Reading Rachel's blog, I found a reference that led me to a wiki that you are sure to like. It is called Educational Software and Web 2.0.

This wiki is a collection of resources. Included are:
Audio Programs
Art and Design
iLife in Macs
Office Programs
Photo Editing
Special Needs
Teacher Tools
Video Editing
Visual Organisers
Web Authoring
Writing Software

Calendar Sharing
Mindmaps and Charts
Office Apps
Picture Sharing
Pod/ Vidcasts
RSS and Feeds
Slide Shows
Social Networking
Social Bookmarks
Video Editing
Video sharing

Internet Basics
Web Hosting
Web searching tips
Internet Safety
Free Hit Counters

Free Image Libraries
Digital Still Camera
Video Resources
Audio Resources
Other Resources
Similar sites
Digital Storytelling

It's a little like looking at Mashable or Solution Watch but organized as only a wiki can be.

Anyway, I thought it was a great resource, and I wanted to make sure everyone knew about it!

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joanna said...

Wowza! I'm there!

Suzie Vesper said...

Hi there!

Just wanted to say that I'm glad you enjoyed the wiki and feel free to add to it if you find any interesting resources.

ms. whatsit said...

Very cool -- Thanks for the links!

Sarolta said...

Thanks for sharing this great resource with us! Cheers.