Tuesday, February 19, 2008

HipBone Game - roommate prewrite

roommate prewrite1
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We would regularly do TOEFL writing practice. I wanted students to put more thought into their essays than they usually did, so I started doing whole class prewrites. Often we used a HipBone board. The main reason I did tht was to force them to think of more than 3 possible ideas to discuss in their essays.

Another time I used a more complex board with 12 places, I believe. We talked about ideas related to the topic: Why movies are popular. After we filled the board, we looked at it for some possible ways to structure the essay. This extended the value of the game.

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Illya said...

Thanks for sharing the ways you've used the hipbone game in class. I've already got my thinking cap on, thinking about ways I could use it, and the form - paper vs. board vs online