Friday, May 23, 2008

Visual Chemistry

Jenny's other post was an example that I think Garr Reynolds and Dr. John Medina would approve of. It teaches chemistry in a very visual way. While I am sure some people will object to parts of this, the theory behind it is one that is definitely OK: We learn better with visuals. See what you think:

Chemistry was not really a favorite of mine when I was in school. No science was, really. But how much more might I have learned if I had had something like this to watch? The concept of attraction and separation of elements is made real. It is visual. It is in my brain.

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jennylu said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for linking to my blog- for some reason, your posts aren't pinging back to my site. I found out you had linked through technorati. Glad you found the things I'm writing about useful.
Jenny Luca.