Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Do we all need blogs?

James over at incorporated subversion titled his post Everyone shouldn’t have a blog, but everybody should have a blog and then went on to say
Everyone does need a blog… we need to get over what we think blogs are and will become.
I am inclined to believe him on both counts.

I asked the question back in January: What is a blog? I have since answered my question a couple times. But now I am not so sure. Since January I have begun three personal/professional blogs. One is this one. Another is what I am using as an ePortfolio. The last one is a mock-up of a class blog for a class I hope to teach in the fall. Each has a unique purpose and a unique (intended) audience. I expect that I will have more blogs as I go along, and I imagine they will all be slightly different in scope. I am excited about the prospect! I think that it is only my lack of vision that keeps me from using blogs in a million more ways.


Anonymous said...

I began almost a year ago with CCE and then created my own blog in January. Moved on to creating blogs with my reading students and then used blogs for two workshops that I gave--one on blogging for the Women's Studies conference, the other for a workshop on genealogy, where the blog was more of a web page, really.

Bee said...

Blogs multiply and spider in different directions serving multi purposes. The essential, however, in any you decide to open is to keep the conversation potential open...either with yourself or/and with the others.