Sunday, January 23, 2005

Oh cool!

I took some time this morning and figured out how to add links to my blog. It wasn't hard. All it takes is desire and a little time. Of course, once you get started, it may take a lot of time because there is always something else you could add or do. But it is nice to know I did something new, something that wasn't done for me.


Nathan Lowell said...

My observation on this is that it's the same as when I first got a Windows machine that allowed me to tweak the backgrounds and color schemes and screen savers ...

I spent DAYS tweaking. Then I learned that it didn't really matter too much, so long as I had an environment that I could USE, the rest was just ... distraction.

Blogs are like that. Once you get one set up, you'll spend a LOT more time working IN it than ON it :D

Nancy A. McKeand said...

I agree, Nathan. But it is nice to know how to do the links because I think that could be valuable. I want people to be able to have easy access to some of the things I think are important. So I am happy to have figured this out, but I don't think I want to do much more. I hope I can get down to the business of the blog before long!

Bettina said...

Hi Nancy!
See your working hard yo keep your blog updated.
Although "framing" isn´t all... Nice colors on your blog!!!
Great work
Bet :)

Chris said...

Hi, Nancy,

Nice to see a photo of you and discover that you've found time to experiment a little with your blog. I'm struggling to post comments to some of the blogs as I promised to do in Group 3 of our wiki.

aaron said...

Hi Nancy...this is starting to look great! I agree with what Nathan said too. The content is what keeps people reading and listening. After all, if their using aggregators, they might not even visit that often: what you post will visit them.