Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Starting Out

I started this blog some time ago, but I never posted to it. Now that I am actually looking at blogging for my classes, I guess it is time to get it up and running.

I find that I am unsure about blogging, not how to do it or even how to use it, but more why I would have a blog and who would want to read it. I am a pretty private person, and this seems pretty public! Besides, I am not all that interesting!

At any rate, here I am, trying to start a blog. Wish me luck!


Bogdan said...

Hi Nancy. Right on! I felt the same as you before I started out. In fact, when Bee and the other guys told us we were supposed to start a blog, I couldn't help asking myself: what on earth am I going to write there? I guess we think it's all been said and done. Why would we want to reiterate something that's been said a million times before? But then again, it's nice to be nice and not be a stranger, so it feels good to know someone's reading your ramblings, doesn't it? :o)

Good luck on the course and keep blogging! :o)

Ale W said...

Hi Nancy, and thanks for devoting some time to having a look at my blog first. It did take some time to get the links in the right place ... but I got it done ... now trying out one of the Mindmapping tools (Cmaps) which I feel you might be want to try out if you are interested mainly in teaching Writing. It could be an excellent tool for brainstorming sessions with students! And remember that our lives seem boring only to ourselves ... the rest always want to know about us and learn from us. Keep posting,
Regards from Argentina
Ale Weser

Sarolta said...

Dear Nancy,
You've done a great job so far. I've read all your entries and I like your blog a lot. And I just love this greenish backgound.
Your first entry could well be mine - I felt the same. Perhaps I still do a bit. But I'm sure it'll change in time.
Thanks for your encouragement. It feels good to know someone has read your blog.
Looking forward to your future posts.