Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Other blogging options

Because of firewall issues here at school and because all my students live on campus and only have internet access through that firewall, I decided that among the criteria for selecting another blogging site was that it had to be accessible to my students.

I have a livejournal account, but neither that nor Blogger work for my students. As faculty I can access them both from my office, but my students are denied access. So I looked at the wiki and discovered journaspace. I tried it from the computer lab where the students would have access, and it worked. So I decided to look at journalspace as an option for use with my students. I have a blog there at


aaron said...

It is really a shame that intstitutions keep the students behind such walls. The 'world out there' presents such an incredible and authentic learning environment for our students. As teachers we can guide and facilitate their interaction in that 'real world' space. Anyway...glad you found a blogging option that works! That is wonderful! You should check your settings though.
My access to your content is being denied.

Nancy A. McKeand said...

Thanks for the heads up, Aaron. I'll check it out. I probably have it set for only journalspace members.

Bee said...

Hi Nancy,
Sometimes talking to the technical department helps. They may have blocked certain sites like it happens at school. I had liberated for instance, but students cannot access, which is in Portuguese.

I tried to leave a comment on you Journal Space blog but would have to open an account to do so... What are the possibilities offered in your settings?

Nancy A. McKeand said...

I finally found the setting for allowing non-members to post at journalspace. I think I have it fixed now. Of course, that's what I thought the last time, too!

As for blocked sites, as a Catholic institution, we get our service through the Archdiocese, and our settings HAVE to be the same as for any elementary school in the area. It is possible to get some sites unblocked, but then they are unblocked for everyone. At least that is how it has been explained to me. It is easier just to find a site I know they can access.