Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Frequent blogging

The other day I was working on my faculty self-evaluation. Having decided that I would include my blogging in the evaluation under professional development, I decided to count my posts from the current academic year. I was really shocked to see how few posts I had. Some months there were only 4 or 5 posts. What happened to me, the daily blogger?

And then today I was reading Vickie A Davis's post where she highlights portions of a post by Marshall K in which he interviews Gina Trapani of Lifehacker (Wow, that's more than my usual quota of links!)

Vickie seleceted portions of the interview to post in her blog, and one of them really got me thinking.
Gina on building an audience

* On the editorial side, to build an audience, you need to post often. .. definitely update every day, if not twice a day. Your posts don't have to be long and thoughtful - though some should be - just summarize and point to a news item of the moment that's related to your nonprofit's area of interest. You want to establish a constant conversation about particular themes, and show that you're an authority on those themes, able to discuss them intelligently on an ongoing basis.

I am amazed that people are still reading my blog. Looking at how few posts I had during this academic year, and reading Gina's advice, it looks like no one should be bothering anymore. Now, granted, I am not the non-profit she is addressing, but I think that the advice is valuable. If I want this blog to be for more than just my entertainment, I have to make an effort to post more frequently again. Something for me to keep in mind. I may not achieve it, but I want to try.


Nathan Lowell said...

It's interesting, Nancy, but I'm of the mind that -- for those of us who have you in a 'gator -- your regular posting is less important than finding something really cool when you do post.

That's also the power of the aggregator. If I've linked to enough interesting people, only one or two of them have to say something for me to be engaged. I don't need all of them spuming every day.

It's probably true that, as a rep builder, you need the social presence and immediacy of frequent postings. But I'd rather read infrequent but interesting (like yours) than frequent rehashing of stuff I've probably already seen.

Nancy A. McKeand said...

Thanks, Nate! I guess I am not really interested in my reputation -- at least not as a blogger. But I lose site of that sometimes.

Lesley said...

Yes, and at least you've managed to keep your blog focused, nancy, which is more than can be said for some of us who seem to become more and more frivolous by the day.

Vicki Davis said...

We all have jobs to do. Sometimes I have time to post once a day, sometimes twice, sometimes I go three or four days without posting.

Life is too short to take guilt trips. I agree that substance is more important than quantity, so take Gina's advice as just that -- advice. One of the best bloggers I know is Guy Kawasaki and sometimes he only posts three times a week!

Maybe I should go back and clarify my thoughts on Gina's interview!

Keep blogging but don't feel guilty!