Thursday, May 17, 2007

The end

Of my job, that is. I just got home from cleaning out my office. I am officially unemployed.

I have had some interviews. I withdrew myself from consideration for one when I realized it wasn't what I wanted to do. It became apparent in the first interview for another job that it wasn't going to be a good match. Then there was the cool second interview in San Francisco which also ended in no job offer for me.

But there are still applications out there, and I keep finding more. Something will happen -- soon, I hope!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Nancy, the perfect job is waiting out there somewhere.
Best wishes
Hannah McKeand

Anonymous said...

It'll take time, but you'll find it.

John said...

The job is out there, and the two of you will meet hopefully soon. Best of luck.


teachagiftedkid said...

Welcome to the world of the unemployed....actually, it's a pretty happy place...for a temporary place. Enjoy the time, catch up on a couple of 'undone' things because you never had the time or energy to do them. Keep on the lookout for a job opportunity and "don't worry, be happy." --from a friend doing the same and still looking---