Saturday, December 08, 2007

A switch

My husband has been at it for some time now, but it wasn't until Miguel talked about it that I was ready to give it a try. PCLinuxOS 2007, that is. I finally switched from Ubuntu to PCLinux on one of my laptops.

Ever since I upgraded to Gutsy Gibbon, I have had trouble getting it to read my flash drives, and Flash wouldn't work right. It was a major pain because of the course development I am doing that is produced in Flash. I had to log into my Windows partition to edit it. (That is all I ever use Windows for anymore!).

So today I backed up everything on my Linux partition and tried live CDs of Linux Mint and PCLinux 2007. I really wanted Mint to work, but it wouldn't find my wireless card. PCLinux found it right out of the box. So I got everything running the way I wanted with the Live CD and then installed it. It was so easy. Everything was exactly the way I wanted it as soon as the installation was finished.

I am sorry to leave Ubuntu, but I need for things to work. For me on this machine, PCLinux is it. I am still running Ubuntu on my other laptop. Everything works much better there. So for now, I am content to leave it that way. But if I have trouble in the future, you can be sure I will try PCLinux on it, too.


Rahul Batra said...

Welcome to the world of PCLinuxOS. Hope that you become a PCLOS addict soon :)

uC said...

What you are describing sound just like openSuSE 10.3 and Gutsy installing Firefox 64 bit by default.

Flash, java and web production plugins really DO NOT WORK with firefox 64 bit.

PCLOS2007 installs Firefox 32 bit as will SuSE and Gutsy if one demands the i586 version.

Unknown said...

I am curious. what was the laptop that could not run Ubuntu?

Anonymous said...

PCLinuxOS 2007 is the first Linux that allows me to connect with WPA encryption on my laptop.

Anonymous said...

Smart move. I see nothing to feel sorry about. I think that Ubuntu is over hyped. It is not bad, but really, I think there are some distros which are better - either more stable or more nicer to look at or both.

Anonymous said...

Overhyped is right. It's a personal thing with Linux as to your favorite distro. There are those that insist Gentoo is the best Linux out there, after all. But for me, I got sick of Ubuntu some time ago and distro-hopped around a bit until I landed on PCLinuxOS. It's so good, I've never looked back in nearly 2 years. I'm through with the other distros that just don't have the straight ahead, clear, concise approach PCLinuxOS has. They just have a knack for making something as simple as possible to do, without trying to make you feel like they cater to the absolute beginner. It's not that I can't do advanced stuff on the CLI or by editing configuration files (as in Ubuntu), but that I don't see the point when there are alternatives that distros like PCLinuxOS give you.

Welcome aboard the PCLinuxOS Express! Life's much simpler on this side of the fence!