Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The need for innovation

I discovered the Teacher of the Year blog written by Betsy Rogers, the 2003 Teacher of the Year, who is now working in one of the worst schools in Alabama - by choice. It is an interesting read.

In a comment on Betsy's blog, I found link to a site and a blog by a guy named Bruce from new Zealand. He has a post entitled We need mavericks that I found really interesting. Near the end he says:
Our schools are full of people who, to ‘succeed,’ have had to comply, when we really need creative innovative thinkers. If we continue to fit in with imposed constraints and requirements, we will all pay the price. None more so than the creative students, on whom the future will depend to solve answers to question not yet being asked.
Innovation isn't easy, but I think we all see that what we have now isn't working. How do we make the changes that need to be made?

Change is messy and difficult. It is uncomfortable. Maybe the first question we must ask ourselves is how many of us really want change.

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