Saturday, April 16, 2005

Update on my situation

Well, as I knew he would be, my IT guy supports me in my desire to have the students blog. We have a plan. It requires getting the adminstration from the college to go and talk to the system adminstrator with the archdiocese. Of course, we have to demonstrate why it is imporatnt -- which I am confident I can do -- first of all to the Academic Dean. Then he has to help us convince the rector that blogging is worthwhile and that he has to fight for it for us.

We are a long way from solving the problem, but at least I have an on-site ally and he has a plan.


Anonymous said...

Why do you have to have the same IP as the rest of the schools? I would think that a college would need to have more flexibility (what do I know--I'm a lapsed Catholic!).
Good luck to you!

Nancy A. McKeand said...

One would think that a college would need more flexibility than a grade school, but we have a hard time convincing them of that. Plus, I don't think they are set up, really, to offer much differentiation of service. It is a very complicated issue and has been the cause of a lot of frustration on both sides.