Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Any suggestions?

I have been asked by our local Writing Project to prepare a presentation on blogging to share with local teachers on March 18th. Does anyone have any specific suggestions as to blogs to send them to or anything else that I should be sure to include? I think there is added value if I can tell them that readers of my blog made suggestions because they will start to get the idea of how blogging can create connections between writers and readers, who are themselves writers with readers.

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to your suggestions. Thanks in advance!


stephen lazar said...

I always find my jaw dropping the most reading the work Darren Kuropatwa's students are doing on his SuperGlu page. I think that he has been so succesful in a Math class, of all subjects, really shows how wide the range of potential applicatoins are.

Bud said...


Who's your audience? Are these teachers interested in blogging already, and you're going to help them get started? Or are they teachers who might not be all that interested to begin with?

If you want to show them the potential, you should definitely show them some of Darren's work -- especially because he's NOT an English teacher -- but his students do a TON of writing.
You might also show them various writing project blogs.

La Maestra said...

You can take a look at the blog I use with my high school poetry students. It's based on the NWP's e-anthology (bless, press, address). It's at www.clubpoems.blogspot.com.

La Maestra

Anne Davis said...

Hi Nancy,

Take a look at Lani Ritters presentation for the Ohio Tech conference. She named it "Blogging Ballet." (http://newballet.blogspot.com/) It is excellent and will give you good ideas! Good luck with your seminar - you will do great!