Sunday, February 12, 2006

Change is possible

Well, this is post 200, and I had been waiting for an appropriate topic. I think I found it this morning as I checked Bloglines and found this post from Will about his experiences in Savannah.

The post was very upbeat and encouraging -- until I got to the last line. He said:
But while the tools are certainly disruptive and potentially powerful, few if any of them really think things in education are going to change anytime soon.
I agree and disagree with that opinion. I think that the big cumbersome process/institution we know as education won't change any time soon unless we are willing to change. If enough of us change how we teach, how we run our classes, how we allow and encourage students to "be" in our classes, education will change. If, however, we say that nothing is going to change so we might as well not bother, then things will never change.

I guess I am naive. But I really believe that.

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