Saturday, February 18, 2006

Some ideas for writing

Thanks to Mark Liberman for this link to a list of the 100 Best First Lines from Novels.

The list is interesting reading in and of itself. But I immediately began to read the list as a teacher.

When I got to
41. The moment one learns English, complications set in. — Felipe Alfau, Chromos (1990)
I could no longer control myself. What a great beginning to an essay for an ESL student!

But then I began to think about this seriously. Why not give the students this list to read? They are bound to find at least one of the openings that resonates with them. Have them use that as a writing prompt. I would ask them to write the story that comes after that line. I wouldn't actually ask them to use the line, but I would ask them to write that story. I think it could work. I think I will try it!

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