Thursday, March 03, 2005

Blogging is good for the brain?

Once again the old bloglines account has come to the rescue!

I was reading Nate's post on Ubiquity. He mentioned a blog called Eide Neurolearning. I liked what I read in his post and went to the Eide blog. What I found was a very interessting post on the value of blogging on our brains. The part that really struck me was this:
Blogging combines the best of solitary reflection and social interaction.

Research using the Lemelson-MIT Invention index found that invention is best fostered in solitude (66%); yet other research has shown the beneficial effects of brainstorming with a community of intellectual peers. So blogging may combine the best of "working by yourself" and "working with other people." Bloggers have solitary time to plan their posts, but they can also receive rapid feedback on their ideas. The responses may open up entirely new avenues of thought as posts circulate and garner comments.

It's that mix of on-my-own and with-the-group that I like about blogging. We all have something to offer to the group, and blogging provides us the means of doing so.

Thanks, Nate, for the link!

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