Thursday, March 31, 2005

Clarification on banned blogging

Boing Boing has a copy of the letter the Vermont principal is sending to those who write him. It explains what I had hoped was true - that only myspace has been banned. Apparently, his comments were not talking about blogging in general but rather that one site. Ah, the press... they never get it right, do they?

Mr. Sousa makes an interesting comment, though, about those in the blogging community who were quick to condemn him on the basis of the newspaper article. He says
I am greatly offended by the arrogance that people have to presume that we have not taken advantage of this teachable moment. It seems that you would rather get up on your soapbox and shout then have a meaningful conversation. You are very misguided here and I do not wish to have a reply. Rather I hope that you would refrain from snap judgements based on blurb articles when it comes to judging our educational system.
Now, assuming this is an accurate quote, his comments make me think that perhaps some bloggers failed to be as courteous as they might have been. That's too bad.

At any rate, we can all rest better tonight knowing that kids in Rutland, Vermont can blog - just not at myspace!

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