Sunday, March 20, 2005

Teacher web presence

Jim over at A New Adventure makes a great case for all teachers having an online presence. I absolutely agree with him on this. I also agree when he says
I think a teacher blog is the best way to have a web presence.

1. Blogs make it easy to create and post. You need to know how to type and navigate around a web page.
2. Blogs are interactive. Parents and students can interact with the teacher.
3. In less than 20 minutes a week you can keep your blog up-to-date.
4. Blogs can be used for multiple purposes, posting homework, student publishing, web links, and more.
5. Blogs allow for additional features as your technology skills grow.

I am happy to see the growing number of teacher blogs out there. Maybe someday we will see that, as Jim says, all teachers have a blog or some other sort of up to date web presence.

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