Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Comp Teaching: Conversations on a continuum.

I have come back to this post at Comp Teaching several times. While I have attempted to locate the article she is talking about, I haven't been able to do so yet. At any rate, It seems that she explains it quite well.
Comp Teaching: Conversations on a continuum.:
To unpack Bazerman for students, I would explain the conversational model as:
1. Read first for understanding. (Ask yourself: what can I learn from this person? Annotate content.)
2. Read second for reaction. (Ask: What does this mean? Annotate response.)
3. Write a reaction statement and reconcile #1, #2, with what you know on the subject.
4. Write an evaluation where you use #3 in combination with additional research you do to 'compare the claims and evidence of a number of different sources' and identify places for comparison and/or points of contention.
5. Identify an issue in #4 that you would like to develop further and write a description of the problem.
6. Consider what information your audience may have read and determine if additional explanation or analysis needs to be done.
7. Begin with #1 again with new sources.

I think this set of questions, which she has developed from an article by Bazerman entitled “A Relationship Between Reading and Writing: The Conversational Model”, will be very effective with my own students. They don't know how to read academic articles in English. They certainly don't know how to write about them. I could see taking them through this process step-by-step. It just might work!

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