Sunday, March 13, 2005

SAT and blogs

I was reading Chris Correa's post on the new SAT. It is an interesting post, but I was really taken by his quote of an Oregonian editorial which does not think too highly of the new test. One of the ways it demonstrates that attitude is by making this comparison:
In truth, the 25-minute test measures teenagers’ ability to write glibly at length in a free-associative, unresearched and self-referential manner.

In other words, it seems the newest measure of college-worthiness is: Can you write a blog entry?

It was, I thought, an interesting argument. In other words, bloggers write very off-the-cuff, unresearched pieces. I know a lot of people who should be offended by that.


Unknown said...

Perhaps the problem here is that we have no way to argue that a blog is inherently more than that since, by their natures, blogs allow for writing of the lowest quality to be published, and many people do take advantage of that fact by publishing writing of the lowest quality. it's too bad that there is no way to classify the difference between the good and the bad in blog posts.

Unknown said...

My own mistakes in my last post serve as adequate testimony to the truth of my remarks. . .