Thursday, March 03, 2005

Professional health and well-being

Once again I find myself reading and very much liking what I read over at Creating Passionate Users. Kathy Sierra has a reminder for us all on the need to stay passionate (or enthusiastic, if you prefer, Aaron!) about what we do. She gives four tips in her post Creating a
1) Find a way to be around others who are passionate about the work you do.

2) Attend conferences.

3) Ask yourself, "What did I used to really love about this?" Remind yourself why you wanted to do this!

4) Learn something new.

Kathy's ideas give us a clue, I think, to one value of blogging: our own professional well-being. Blogging puts us in touch with other people who care about the things we care about. It also is like a little mini-conference every day, and we can definitely learn something new.

So once again, I thank Kathy for helping me to understand my own field better by talking about hers.

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