Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Some advice for bloggers

I just came across a great post entitled Notes for New Bloggers on a great site called Areté. It provides some really excellent ideas for new - and not so new - bloggers.

Her third point caught my eye:
3. Mine the network. Work your blogroll, link within your posts, and keep up on your comments and trackbacks. Put a site meter on there so you know who’s coming to see you. Your blog will be better, your life will be richer, and your social circle will be wider. Eventually.

That is how I found her post:
First, I went to Barbara Ganley's blog. In a post called "Trackback Recap" (which is about this very thing) she mentions Carla Shafer's blog. In Carla's post Getting the Hang of Blogging, she refers readers to Krista's post, Notes for New Bloggers, which I linked to above.

If I hadn't "worked my blogroll", I would never have found Krista's post because I never would have found the reference to Carla's blog in Barbara's blog.

Now I understand why aggregators are so great!

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Krista said...

Hello! Interesting to see the National Writing Project on your sidebar. I once spent a summer interning for the Little Rock Writing Project, which is an affiliate. Always meant to do a fellowship and never got around to it.