Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Becoming human again

Robert Paterson has some extremely insightful comments on life in general and on blogging in particular. Among them we find his description of a blog:
What is a Blog then?

It is also a generative space in which we can give birth to our lost voice. As we find our voice, we begin to wake up. We start to become human again.

How does the Blog awaken us? This open space invites us to speak in public. Hesitantly at first we speak the old way. But now and then the occasional real voice pops out. As it does, others notice and drop by and encourage us. Encouraged we use our real voice more often. More people drop by and encourage us. ...

What a beautiful description of the process! I especially like the part about waking up and becoming human as we blog. This is the aspect of blogging that will help change the world, I think. Writing in any form can do that, but blogs add the interaction which, as Paterson points out, encourages us to continue. Blogging is a very affirming activity.


Bee said...
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Bee said...

Nancy...we are in synch there...apparently we read the same article at approximately the same time. Beautifully written. Yes, it is encouraging to be able to share what we feel with other human beings across the planet and recomforting to be heard and get a response.
Warm regards from Brazil :-)