Monday, February 07, 2005

Audio, video, and everything else

As part of the assignment for this week, I have looked at (and furled) several moblogs, videoblogs, photoblogs and audioblogs. It was an interesting experience.

First of all, I have to say that the audioblogs I looked at were garbage - mostly people just being stupid. Like the woman who recorded a two-year-old child while she took the pacifier out of his mouth and put it back in. I hope that there are some decent ones out there, but I didn't find them.

Where I found some great stuff was in videoblogging and photoblogging. Moblogging, too, I guess. There were some really excellent sites. In one videoblog, Jay Dedman shot a video of where he works, the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. It was interesting and informative and well done. I also liked the EastSouthWestNorth photoblog. There was substance. The moblogs were also interesting. One I looked at was done by Rasa.

I can see potential with these. I could see using the photoblogs of others as writing prompts for my students. I could see having my students learn to do their own videoblogs or photblogs as a way of letting their friends and family back home see what their lives are like now. I will look at more of these and undoubtedly come up with more ideas of how I might use them. The possibilities are endless, aren't they?

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Lesley said...

As usual, nancy, you make me feel that I'm lagging behind here. I haven't seen any of those new fangled audio/vidoe/mobloggy things yet. By the way, I thought that the Furl link in your sidebar would take me to YOUR Furl collection but it took me to the home page. It would be good if the link was direct, I think because then you could say in your post, "I've furled a few of these articles, to see them just click over on the right to see them" Maybe I've missed something.