Friday, February 25, 2005

E-Portfolio revisions

Well, I am sure no one really cares, but I made some changes to my portfolio. I solved the problem of only having the Home link in the bottom by putting a link to it in the sidebar. That makes me happier. And I put a little note in the sidebar to explain the need to go to the home page to see the complete list. It isn't elegant, but I think it will work for me.

I have played with the idea of comments, going back and forth several times. I think that I am content with this not being interactive and, therefore, not really a blog. It also isn't chronologically posted -- or rather I have forced the chronological order by changing the dates on things. For the time being, anyway, this is how it will stay. If anyone can convince me that I should have comments on it, I will make the changes.

So that is what I have now. I want to add come content, but I probably won't get that done right away. At any rate, I am not embarrassed by it, and that is a good thing!

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Marco Polo said...

I've been reading all the blogs I can about portfolios and e-portfolios (there's plenty just on our EVO bloglines list!). I came across something somewhere about making separate blogs which are different aspects of one topic, then linking them by RSS. I'll try and find the original and post it here. Don't hold your breath! PS You DO know about E-Portfolios for Learning?