Monday, February 14, 2005

Success may be in the eye of the blogger

Well, for those of you with nothing better to do than look at my blog, I was successful in getting the mp3 button inserted into my earlier audio post. It was so easy! (Thanks, Nathan, for continuing to challenge us - and for supplying us with the information we need to do it!)

But all this has led me to wonder why I am so excited by this button. Does it really matter if I know how to go to Cool Archive and make a button? Every time I learn how to do something, I realize that there are ten more things I don't know anything about yet. In some ways, I seem to be getting further and further behind. And since we are all using aggregaors to read each other's blogs, you may not even see the image, the fruit of my labors!

So I may be the only one who appreciates my discovery. My success will go unnoticed by the world. But to my eyes, every little trick I learn is one less thing I don't know. And that, to me, is success.

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Nathan Lowell said...

You're welcome, Nancy.

Even though I was looking an an aggregator, the text was enough to drag me over to look at your button. It's DARN COOL!

Regardless of how you made it, or think you could make it, or think you might use it, or wonder who might see it (or not), the REAL issue on not knowing everything is sorting out what to learn next. I'm *constantly* making the "wrong" choices by picking things that are interesting regardless of application.

That's how I got involved in the Internet back in '85. What a waste of time that's turned out to be ... :D