Saturday, February 12, 2005

My apologies to Nathan

In his blog Nathan just raised the issue of some people not being able to listen to embedded audio. So I thought it would be a good idea to try doing it the other way. So here is my attempt to post my audio another way. (It's the same blurb as the first one. No need to listen a second time if you have already heard it!)


Marco Polo said...

Could you say in a bit more detail how you originally did it, and what this new "another way" is?

aaron said...

I would assume that you uploaded this mp3 file to your server and linked to it, right?

Nathan Lowell said...

In all cases, the mp3 file needs to be on a server. What Nancy has done (and thanks, Nancy) is make the link a simple text link that allows me to grab the mp3 and play it in whatever tools I have on whatever machine I may be on at the moment.

In her prior post, the EMBED statement fails on any browser except Internet Explorer. I tried it on Firefox on my XP box and had the same problems.