Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Tables on the wiki

So Bettina and I made these tables last week to compare the different aggregators and trackers. They were cool, but we didn't have a clue how to get them into the wiki. As usual, Bee came to our rescue and got them set up. She didn't have time to get the charts all filled in, so I volunteered to finish the second one. It was easy -- as long as you paid attention to the code.

But I had one problem: the technorati entries didn't want to move to the next cell. All the others worked fine, but I had several problems with technorati. Was it because it was the first one I was doing so I was maybe doing something wrong? I thought it might be, but even after I did all the others without a hitch, I still couldn't get the last technorati entry to go where it belonged. I left it alone for awhile and just went back to it, and I had the same probelm again. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but it must be somehting little -- so little I can't find it!

At any rate, this was an interesting experience. I learned more about code and about the wiki. I also learned about the aggregators and trackers. I am very glad they had us use Bloglines. It is so easy!

Check out the wiki under "Blog Add-ons" if you want to see the tables we made!

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