Sunday, February 13, 2005

Various comments on audio

First of all, I have to give credit to Sarolta for helping me to see tht I might, indeed, want to do audio blogging. Her T/F quiz on the audio post let me see a whole range of possibilities I hadn't really thought of before. I don't usually teach listening and speaking, but I like to hvae ideas like this to pass on to others or to use myself when I need. I will definitely remember this one! (Can you tell I wasn't able to attend the chats this past week? Is my ignorance showing? I'm quite sure it must be!)

Now, to address comments and questions made to my last post about how I inserted the audio both the first and second times. I actually owe it all to Bettina and the people who helped her figure it out. Yes, I recorded the audio and then finally understood that I could save it to some web space provided by my ISP. Then, I looked at Mike Coughlan's instructions for embedding audio. It involved looking at the code for his page, copying the code, inserting it in my blog post, changing the URL to the URL where my audio was saved, and then posting.

Because Nathan reported being unable to open embedded audio, I redid it by inserting the link into my blog, just like I did to direct you to Sarolta's and Bettina's and Mike's and Nathan's blogs. That was easier, of course, because I didn't have to personally insert the code. It maybe doesn't look as spiffy, but I am not really concerned about that. What I would want is to be sure people could listen to it, regardless of their operating system or other software issues.

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