Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Using Bloglines

Well, I have had my Bloglines account up and running for two days. I have found some wonderful blogs to add to my list. I find, though, that I am still not sure about using it. Well, let me say, I am not sure about one aspect of using it: commenting on posts.

When I look at Aaron's blog using bloglines, I find a place to comment. When I look at my blog, I don't find that. I also don't find it on most of the other blogs I look at. So, what am I missing? Do I just not worry about it and click on the posting title and comment that way? I wish I knew.

Also, I cannot seem to get an RSS feed on my Journal Space blog. I have tried to change every variable that I could find that should have affected it, but to no avail. I have made my blog available to anyone on the planet, have allowed comments from non-members, have clicked on the button that should syndicate it. I have tried adding it to Bloglines automatically (by clicking the subscribe button on my bookmark toolbar) and manually (by pasting the URL into the appropriate place in Bloglines). Supposedly this should work. But it doesn't. I just took a minute to try it with someone else's blog on journalspace and couldn't, so I guess it is a journalspace issue. Does this affect my idea to use journalspace with my students? I will have to think about that one!

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aaron said...

Hi Nancy....concerning comments, it depends on how the RSS feed is configured, so there is little you can do about it. It doesn't really save all that much time anyway, as you still get sent out of Bloglines when you click that comment link.

As for the RSS feed of your JournalSpace blog, this URL should work:

Just change 'username' to your JournalSpace username.

Does it work?